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Roster fallout: what happens now that Fuld is out and Milone is in?

Here's what happens to the Twins roster as a result of the trade.

Hannah Foslien


With the departure of Sam Fuld, the Twins are once again without a legitimate center fielder on the roster. This seems to spell out, in no uncertain terms, that Danny Santana will continue to get time in the outfield. Indeed, it seems like Eduardo Escobar is once again the team's backup in center.


That is what people were concerned about, in spite of the fact that Tommy Milone is fantastic value for Fuld. With Alex Meyer and Trevor May having earned their stripes in Triple-A, bringing in another pitcher who could potentially block their paths to the Majors was a legitimate concern.

Instead, Milone will - for the moment at least - head to Rochester. This isn't a permanent location for Milone, who has a 3.84 ERA in 468.2 career innings. For now, Minnesota's rotation continues to be the status quo.

25-man roster

With Vargas coming up to take the Major League roster spot with the Twins, it will be interesting to see how Gardy continues to find playing time for not Chris Parmelee and Chris Colabello. If you wanted a reason to watch the Twins this weekend, Vargas is it.

40-man roster

Kennys Vargas was already on the 40-man roster, so the Twins are essentially swapping Fuld's place for Milone. This leaves Minnesota with 39 places taken on the 40-man, giving the front office one slot with which to work.