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Twins Rally Falls Short, Yankees Win 6-5

Bad Kyle Gibson instead of Good Kyle Gibson equals Twins loss.

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Kyle Gibson has either been an ace or a mess this season.  Friday was a mess, as he lasted just two innings and surrendered six Yankees runs.  Those baseball points held up as New York went on to a 6-5 victory.

It really has been that stark for Gibby.  As noted by Rhett Bollinger, Gibson has a 0.93 ERA in his seven wins.  That's good!  In his seven losses, that ERA balloons to 13.16.  That's bad.

The Twins offense did mount a spirited comeback, but it was not comeback-y enough.  Brian Dozier had another leadoff homer in the first, and Chris Colabello stroked a 2nd-inning dong in his first action since being recalled from Rochester  They added two more in the third on an Oswaldo Arcia triple and a Trevor Plouffe single that eventually chased Yankees starter/character from Gossip Girl Chase Whitley.

Sam Deduno kept Minnesota in the game with 4 and 2/3 innings of solid mop-up duty.  Then Yankees bullpen was equally stifling, with the Twins managing just one more run in the 8th and wasting a Kurt Suzuki double in 9th (Joe West still sucks, BTW).  Per FSN, this was the Twins' largest crowd since Opening Day, so that's something, right?

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