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Five Twins featured in Baseball America's Midseason Top 50

The Twins organization has their minor league system in order, and that's a big part of the battle for a rebuilding franchise. Baseball America gives Minnesota ten percent of their midseason prospect list.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball American has released their midseason top 50 prospects list, and it will come as little surprise that the Minnesota Twins are well represented. With two players in the top ten and all five players within the top 32, it's safe to say that the industry agrees with us: the Twins organization is stacked with some high-end talent. Is there anyone not on this list who you think should be considered for BA's midseason top 50?

Byron Buxton, CF
BA Rank: 1

BA Comment: Wrist injury has ruined his season, but his long-term potential remains unblemished.

I'm still excited to see what Buxton can do in the final few weeks of this season, and I'm also curious to see whether he can win the starting job in center field out of spring training next March. He just made his return to action yesterday.

Miguel Sano, 3B
BA Rank: 9

BA Comment: Won't play this season due to Tommy John surgery, so he can commiserate with Buxton.

This is contrary to what had been speculated upon recently, which was that Sano could play some designated hitter late in the year. But I almost prefer him to not play, simply because there would be little benefit in giving him two weeks worth of plate appearances. Just let him get through the season, send him to the Arizona Fall League if need be, and let him compete for the job at third base in spring training.

Jose Berrios, RHP
BA Rank: 27

BA Comment: Berrios has always had a good feel, but his stuff just keeps getting better to go along with it.

His season ERA is down to 1.96 after his last outing, where he shut out Charlotte across six innings. At just 20 years old and just promoted to Double-A, this is a guy you're free to be really excited about right now.

Kohl Stewart, RHP
BA Rank: 30

BA Comment: Yes, Stewart has frontline stuff, but his advanced feel and smooth delivery are just as impressive.

Or, in other words: he's just 19. The strikeouts will come. He looks really good.

Alex Meyer, RHP
BA Rank: 32

BA Comment: He'll likely always have command issues, but Meyer's fastball/slider combo is enough if he just throws strikes.

After a couple of hiccups, Meyer is back in business. He's allowed two runs in his last two starts, including ten strikeouts and 12 innings. He's taking Trevor May's spot on the Futures Game roster.