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Wed. Morning Links: Dumb Lawsuits, Baseball Insiders, Body Issue, Potheads, and More

Don't rat out potheads on your team, especially when you cite a newsworthy burglary from a couple years ago.

This past Twins homestand, I was approached by a man that briefly said, "Andrew, I love your column," and he quickly 180'd and walked away. I definitely appreciate the feedback - certainly more than this comment from my personal blog years ago - but it's a shame I didn't get to talk with him more. As always, I'm in Section 238 at Target Field if you ever want to stop by, but just so you all know, I'll be absent from the first homestand after the All-Star break thanks to my honeymoon.

  • A fan that attended a Yankees/Red Sox game back in April is suing ESPN for comments made while he was shown sleeping on TV. However, his lawsuit is demanding $10 million in damages, attributes false quotes to broadcasters Dan Shulman and John Kruk, and is laced with typos, so it's no wonder ESPN is laughing off the lawsuit. Really all you need to know about this lawsuit being poorly composed can be show in the line below (all mistakes are from the lawsuit, not mine).
14. John Kruck in his verbal attack insinuated that the plaintiff is individual that know neither history nor understood the beauty or rivalry between Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee.
  • Baseball in the past was dominated by the "insiders," where front offices were built almost entirely with former players or those with ties to the game. Oakland general manager Billy Beane thinks that there will be no line between the "insiders" and "outsiders" of baseball in the near future.
  • Prince Fielder posed naked for the ESPN The Magazine "Body Issue," and he still looks way better than the majority of Americans. The picture is probably NSFW, by the way.
  • Normally I love Dirk Hayhurst's writings about what life was like as a big leaguer and I feel many people overreact when he talks about former teammates (almost always keeping them anonymous, by the way), but even I think he crossed the line when he said some teammates were robbed of a "pillow-case-sized bag of weed." Despite keeping everyone anonymous, it's pretty obvious he's citing when he was with the Rays and his anonymous teammates were David Price, Evan Longoria, and Reid Brignac, whose home was burglarized back in 2011. Well, now we know some combination of those three are potheads.
Who wants to see highlights? I know I do, and that's exactly what happens in this edition of the Lightning Round.
  1. It's often said that great plays come as a result of poor routes or slow reactions. Yasiel Puig ran the wrong way on a fly ball, but made a diving catch and got a double play out of it anyway.
  2. Angels pitcher Mike Morin showed off some quick reflexes when he caught a deflected pop-up after it bounced out of catcher Hank Conger's glove.
  3. Similarly, Kurt Suzuki has a foul tip bounce out of his glove but he still made the catch for the strikeout.
  4. One last ricochet, where a line drive bounced off Nationals pitcher Tanner Roark's butt.
  5. Somehow there are pigeons inside Tropicana Field.
  6. Finally, here's your new computer background.