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GameThread: Twins @ Astros, Game 119

It's the rubber game at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Hopefully Chris Carter has used up his weekly allotment of home runs already.

Jonathan Daniel
First Pitch: 1:10 PM CST
Radio: 96.3 KTWIN
Know Thine Enemy: The Crawfish Boxes
Houston is apparently activating center fielder Dexter Fowler for today's afternoon game, so the Astros will be getting back one of their offensive weapons atop the lineup. At least the Twins are sending out Kyle Gibson today, whose slide-step while in the stretch position should minimize Fowler's steal attempts.
In Gibson, the Twins have got to be very pleased with his progress this year. After struggling with his command in the early part of the season (probably due to the cold weather), he has shown that he can be a good starting pitcher and right now is the second-best starter in the rotation behind Phil Hughes. He's limited the home runs well this year and has done a good job with his sinker, so hopefully that means we're done seeing dingers from Houston's Chris Carter this series.
Facing Gibson is Brett Oberholtzer, who also has done a solid job this year. Like Gibson, he also doesn't strike out many and has limited home runs to the opposition, but Oberholtzer is much more of a fly ball pitcher. He's a bit of a soft-tosser that relies a bunch on his offspeed pitches, so hopefully the Twins can wait back and not get fooled by his curve and change-up.
I had to go to Twitter to find the lineups. You're failing me, Also, Fowler batting cleanup???


  1. Danny Santana, CF
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B
  4. Kenny Vargas, DH
  5. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  6. Eduardo Nunez, LF
  7. Oswaldo Arcia, RF
  8. Eric Fryer, C
  9. Eduardo Escobar, SS

SP Kyle Gibson


  1. Robbie Grossman, LF
  2. Jose Altuve, 2B
  3. Chris Carter, DH
  4. Dexter Fowler, CF
  5. Jon Singleton, 1B
  6. Carlos Corporan, C
  7. Matt Dominguez, 3B
  8. Jake Marisnick, RF
  9. Marwin Gonzalez, SS

SP Brett Oberholtzer