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Brian Dozier and Twins 20/20 seasons of the past

Brian Dozier may not be a superstar, but he is very, very good.

Hannah Foslien

If Byron Buxton develops a little more home run power, he could pull a 20/20 season half a dozen times in his career. Mike Trout's already done it twice (okay, one of them is a 30/30) and could do it another ten times in the next 12 years. But for all of that promise of star power and longetivity, 20/20 seasons aren't that easy to pull off. Double-doubles happen in basketball all the time, but averaging a double-double over the course of a full year? That's akin to a 20/20 season.

With a steal in the first inning of Wednesday's game, Dozier's stolen base total hit 20. He's a rare combination of power and speed, and the only other Major Leaguer to achieve that mark so far this season is Carlos Gomez. Trout probably won't get there this year at the rate he's going. Todd Frazier is three stolen bases away. Andrew McCutchen is three away in both categories. It's not bad company to keep.

Dozier is the sixth Twin to achieve such a feat, and it's the seventh 20/20 season in Minnesota franchise history. Here's the full list.

Player Year Age HR SB
Brian Dozier 2014 27 20 20
Torii Hunter 2004 28 23 21
Torii Hunter 2002 26 29 23
Corey Koskie 2001 28 26 27
Marty Cordova 1995 25 24 20
Kirby Puckett 1986 26 31 20
Larry Hisle 1977 30 28 21

Hisle had three very good seasons for the Twins in the 70s and Cordova was on so many muscle enhancers that he could barely bend his elbows, but they're all recognizable names in the history of the Twins. Hunter, Koskie, and Puckett are among the best Minnesota players to ever man their positions. Could Dozier one day take his spot in the same ranks? He has youth and talent on his side.

Congratulations to Brian on what's been a good season so far. Here's hoping he can notch one or two more before his days as a Twin are through.