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The 2014 Minnesota Twins are on pace for...

A little off-day frivolity for you. Items worth dropping into conversation with your other Twins fan friends.

Adam Bettcher

We're 130 games deep into the 2015 season, which means we have a bit less than 20% of the year to go. With that in mind, here's a few things that the Twins and their players are on pace for as we pull into the home stretch.

  • The Twins are on pace to score 710 runs this season. That would be the most runs scored since 2010, when they scored 781. From 2011 through 2013 respectively, Minnesota scored 619, 701, and and 614 runs.
  • Pitching looks like it could post its best mark since 2010 as well. The 2014 Twins are on pace to allow 755 runs, compared to the 671 they allowed in 2010. Again, from '11 to '13 respectively, Minnesota allowed 804, 832, and 788 runs.
  • At 58-72, the Twins are baring down on a 72-90 season. A winning streak or a losing streak now will go a long way in determining whether the club can avoid a fourth consecutive 90-loss season, even if 72 wins is a gain of six games on 2013.
  • Trevor Plouffe already owns a tie for the franchise record for the most doubles in a season by a third baseman with 37. If he continues with his current pace of games played and doubles, he'll finish the season with 46. That would tie him for fourth in the history of the organization with Delmon Young (2010) and Marty Cordova (1996). First is Mickey Vernon with 51 in 1946, Second in Stan Spence with 50 in that same season, and third is Justin Morneau with 47 in 2008.
  • Kennys Vargas has played in all 23 games for the Twins since making his debut. If he continues to play every game through the end of the year, he's on pace to smash ten home runs. That's a nice total for 55 games.
  • Phil Hughes would win four of his last seven starts, giving him 18 on the season. Wins are meaningless in terms of pitcher evaluation but they're always fun to count, and 18 wins would be the most for any Twins pitcher since Johan Santana won 19 in 2006. 17 wins would match Carl Pavano's total in 2010.
  • Glen Perkins is on pace to save 40 games for the Twins. The last Twins closer to hit the 40-save plateau was Joe Nathan in 2009 when he notched a career-high 47.
  • Casey Fien is on pace for 76 appearances, the most since Matt Guerrier's 79 in 2009.
  • Oswaldo Arcia's pace totals are off since he missed time earlier this year, and especially considering his streak lately it's safe to say he'll exceed the 17 home runs the straight projections give him. He's homered in roughly 5% of his plate appearances this year, and with 4.03 plate appearances per game we'll multiply that by 26 (instead of assuming he'll play the full 32 games on the schedule) for 105 plate appearances from here on out. If he homered in 7% of those plate appearances, he'll finish the season with 21 homers. That's not bad, considering nine of his current 14 bombs have come in the last 26 games.
  • Brian Dozier is on track to hit 25 homers and 25 doubles, although the power has been down recently.
  • As a team, the Twins are on pace to his 130 home runs. That puts them off the pace of 151 homers in 2013, but it's not much of a surprise to see that the power is down on the whole.
  • On the other hand, the Twins offense is on pace for 565 walks. That would be the biggest walk total since the 2009 team posted 585. Twins pitchers are projected to walk 408 men, the fewest since 383 in 2010.
  • As a pitching staff, the Twins are on pace to strike out 1,016 batters. The 2010 crew struck out 1,048. Twins hitters will go down on strikes 1,309 times. The 2012 crew bested that number with 1,069 strikeouts.
  • Finally, the Twins are on pace to steal 97 bases. The 2012 crew stole 135, thanks to the 40 steals from Ben Revere.
How's that for minutiae? Is there anything else you'd like to work out? If so, let's see it in the comments.