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Who Do You Trust in 2015?

I'm asking you.

I trust you, Casey.  Heck, we all do.
I trust you, Casey. Heck, we all do.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I (Stu) finally met Twinkie Town editor-in-chief Jesse Lund last night at former Twinkie Town Monday Daddy Jon Marthaler's house last night.  We even made a podcast to mark the occasion.  (Correction to something I said on the 'cast: I meant racist Star Tribune commenters, not Twinkie Town commenters. You guys are great.  I was drinking Southern Tier's Pumking, and am going to blame that for the error.)

Part of the podcast was spent trying to gauge who we trust in the Twins' 2015 roster.  The rough consensus was Joe Mauer, Brian Dozier, Glen Perkins and Casey Fien.  That's it.

My question to you, the commentariat: do you trust others beyond those four?  Do you think Phil Hughes will build on his very good 2014?  Have Eduardo Escobar or Kennys Vargas earned your confidence?  Will Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton shake off awful 2014s and rocket into the bigs?  Do you not even trust the four guys we trust?

So that's your homework for today.  Think of next year's 25-man roster.  Who are the players you are fully confident in succeeding next year?  Let us know in the comments below.