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Tracking the Triple-A rotation: who starts Saturday for the Twins?

Let's take another look at the Alex Meyer and Trevor May situation.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

That rotation in Triple-A is really starting to get backed up. It's a good problem to have, I suppose, since it wasn't too long ago that the Twins were forced to turn to guys like Liam Hendriks, Cole De Vries, P.J. Walters, Andrew Albers and Pedro Hernandez. The grouping from which the front office could now choose is quantifiably better, in terms of floor as well as ceiling.

What is the front office waiting for in bringing up one or any of these pitchers? Opportunity is one factor, but it's about much more than that. If the organization thought it was right, the opportunities would be made. But Trevor May has now made back-to-back starts after his injury, and Alex Meyer continues to be as good as he's been all year but is on an innings count. Minnesota has assured itself of an extra year of control over Tommy Milone, and have nothing to lose by calling him up soon to ensure he reaches Super Two status.

Still, even if the time isn't right today, it'll be right soon. Surely. Right? Maybe.

Let's take a look at that Red Wings rotation and track their next starts to see how they align with the Twins' upcoming schedule of probable pitchers.

Date Red Wings Rotation Twins Rotation
July 31 Gilmartin Correia
August 1 Johnson Darnell
August 2 Hamburger Pino
August 3 Meyer Gibson
August 4 May - OFF -
August 5 Milone Hughes
August 6 - OFF - Correia
August 7 Gilmartin (pp) Pino (pp)
August 8 Johnson Gibson (pp)
August 9 Hamburger TBA
August 10 Meyer Hughes (pp)
August 11
Game 1: May
Game 2: Milone
Correia (pp)
August 12 Gilmartin Pino

* - denotes probable pitcher, per team websites

Rochester is currently slated with a six-man rotation, which is actually useful since they're scheduled to play a double-header this coming Monday. It should be noted that Logan Darnell, who last started for the Twins on August 1 before being demoted, has made 17 starts for the Red Wings this year and will probably be dropped into the rotation at some point.

Which is also useful, since the Twins will be looking for a fifth starter for Saturday's game in Oakland. While my schedule, which goes on rotation of the prior six games and nothing more, has Mark Hamburger slated to start Saturday for the Triple-A squad, he's unlikely to be called upon to spot start for Minnesota. Meyer, who would be on six days' rest and would require a 40-man roster spot, or May, who would be on five days' rest, would both be available. Milone would be on just three days' rest, and after a full seven innings it's doubtful the Twins would ask him to make his debut on short rest.

The less popular alternatives would be Darnell, again, depending on whether or not Gene Glynn plugs him in for tomorrow night's start. Kris Johnson, who would go tomorrow night based on the rotation of the prior six games, could also be pushed back a day and recalled to Minnesota for a start.

And that's how things sit for now. Looking ahead there's Kevin Correia on Monday and Yohan Pino on Tuesday, both of whom could be replaced in the right scenario, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves in the speculation. For now, who do you think gets the start on Saturday night?