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Twins swept in double-header: 8-2, 2-0

Trevor May is the only pitcher allowed to win games the rest of the year, I guess.

David Maxwell

Kyle Gibson's feast or famine campaign has been leaning pretty harshly on the famine side of things lately, and he imploded in game one today before his offense even had a chance to think about waking up. He was all over the zone in his three innings of work and was smashed, giving up seven runs off of seven hits and two walks. Gibson didn't record a strikeout, but if misery is your thing then you'll feel better about watching replays of the homers from Carlos Santana and Yan Gomes.

Corey Kluber exacted his revenge for getting beat by the Twins earlier this year, allowing a run in the first and a run in the ninth but otherwise stymieing the struggling Minnesota offense. Kluber was outstanding.

Ricky Nolasco gave the Twins a chance in game two, at least. He struck out five and didn't walk anyone in seven innings, giving up the only two runs of the contest. 25-year old lefty T.J. House managed to come up with a performance on par with Kluber's, striking out eight and scattering four hits over seven shutout innings.

It was an awful day to watch Minnesota Twins baseball. This team is desperately looking for ways to win games and, somehow, come out further ahead this year than they did last year. Right now, I'm having a hard time believing that's feasible.

Double-header notes

  • The Twins combined for one walks. Sorry, one walk. Forgive the incorrect pluralization, I'm just baffled that one team can walk so little in 18 innings.
  • Lester Oliveros threw a scoreless inning of relief. His ERA is still 27.00.
  • I think Gardy is losing his mind with the results some of his players are putting up. Did you read his post-game comments about Gibson? The subtext was nothing but swears.

Ricky Nolasco


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