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Brian Duensing Requests That You Don't Spoil The Hunger Games Trilogy

"I'm just finishing Catching Fire. I hope Katniss makes it."

Twins reliever Brian Duensing, contemplating the machinations of President Snow
Twins reliever Brian Duensing, contemplating the machinations of President Snow
Hannah Foslien

Twins reliever Brian Duensing has a request for his fellow players and Minnesota Twins fans: don't spoil The Hunger Games for him.

"I know the Mockingjay movie is coming out, and I'm just finishing Catching Fire.  I hope Katniss makes it, but I want to find out myself.  Don't tell me!"

Duensing was the subject of some ridicule this week when his elbow starting cramping up during Tuesday's game versus Cleveland.  Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire said after the game Duensing blamed it on reading books.  Duensing took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying it only felt like his elbow needed to "pop," like it does when he's been reading for awhile.  And lately, what he's been reading is Suzanne Collins' trilogy of young adult novels about a dystopian near-future where children fight to the death, as confirmed by area New Glarus fanboy/Twins closer Glen Perkins.

"Something about these books just resonates with me," said Duensing.  "Katniss Everdeen is a strong female protagonist, something that's rare in this kind of milieu."

Asked if he's seen the movies, Duensing shook his head.

"I want to read the books first.  Books are always better than the movies anywho."

The Twins bullpen vet added that he's sensitive to spoilers ever since Perkins spoiled the ending of the Harry Potter series for him.

"Glen told me that Hagrid took all the horcruxes, killed Harry, and made Hermione his concubine.  I wasn't even to the Half-Blood Prince yet!  So I quit reading 'em! Then one day I'm flipping channels, see the Deathly Hallows movie on HBO, started watching, and that's not what happens at all.  At all!  I texted Glen and he just sent back a bunch of emojis with devil horns.  I was pretty steamed with him."

Duensing said he does have some hopes for how the trilogy ends.

"I hope Katniss and Peeta end up together.  They seem like they're meant for each other.

"Gale's a turd."