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Twins Stifle Tigers, 11-4

Tigers fail as Twins balls sail RHYMES

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Porcello had a chance to push Detroit to the precipice of an AL Central title.  Instead, he got shelled. By the Twins. And with the Royals beating the Whities, the Tigers lead is down to one game with two to go, as they got curbstomped by Minnesota 11-4.

The Twins pounced on Porcello immediately, plating three runs in the first on Danny Santana double, Brian Dozier single, and a majestic Oswaldo Arcia dong.  And the Twins kept their boot on Detroit's neck, extending the lead to 6-0 on a Dozier solo dong and a 2-run throwing error by Nick Castellanos.

With that lead, Anthony Swarzak was able to...well, he was able to get through three innings without giving up a hit!  And then the Tigers' offense clawed back into the game, making it 6-3 and chasing the noted Bigfoot enthusiast before he could get a decision in the fifth.  HOWEVER, A.J. Achter closed the door in the fifth, and would eventually get credited with his first major league victory.

The Twins kept any further rally at bay with four more runs in the sixth, opening the inning with four consecutive hits, including another RBI 2-bagger from double enthusiast Ed Escobar and another RBI single from Dozier.

Go Royals.

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