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Angels 7, Twins 6

A long-ass game got longer for a good reason, but ended badly because we can't have nice things.

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I feel like you should know that this game took four hours for its first nine innings.  That'll bring in the youth audience.

ANYWAY, thanks to a 2-out, 2-run double from Trevor Plouffe, this back-and-forth contest between the Minnesota Twins and California Angels of Orange County/John Wayne Airport went to extras tied at sixes.

The teams traded runs in the first, second and fourth innings.  The Twins got to Angels starter blank blank on a Kennys Vargas sac fly in the first, an os-WAL-doe Arcia solo dong in the second, and an Aaron Hicks RBI single in the fourth.  Meanwhile, Ricky Nolasco gave up three runs of his own in just five innings of work.  I say just five because the Twins ended up using eight goldang relievers tonight in a game with one extra inning.  I know the rosters are expanded, but geez louise.

ANYWAY AGAIN, the Twins had a 4-3 lead in the 8th when the Angels lit up a handful of the aforementioned relievers to take a 6-4 lead.  After Plouffe's game-saving double, the Halos got to Jared Burton straightaway in the 10th, loading the bases with one out and taking the lead on an Erick Aybar sac fly that barely scored Kole Calhoun.

Of course, these two things happened:

  • Most every reliever on the team pitched except for Glen Perkins, the best reliever, who was out with a stiff neck.
  • The Twins didn't come back in the 10th.

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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.