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Minnesota Twins unveil 2015 schedule

Highlights include it not being 2014 anymore.

2015 is coming to Target Field (hurry please)!
2015 is coming to Target Field (hurry please)!
Hannah Foslien

The Twins announced their 2015 schedule yesterday, showing the team will kick off the season April 6th with a three-game series in Detroit, followed by a three-game series in Chicago. The team's home opener at Target Field will be the April 13th against the Kansas City Royals. These games sure to be a treat, considering the snowy and bitter winter expected for Minnesota.

Other points of interest:

  • The Twins will play 20 interleague games. The Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and Milwaukee Brewers (duh) will all be visiting Target Field. The Twins will visit the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Plan your trip to PNC Park today!
  • If it feels like the Twins just played those teams in interleague, it's because they kinda did: The Twins visited Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in 2012, while the Cubs also came to Target Field that year.
  • Both series against Milwaukee will be weekend series, allowing more fans to travel to each other's parks than the two-and-two weekday series they did the past two seasons.
  • 48 of the Twins home games will be played between Memorial Day and Labor Day, meaning fewer home games played in winter April.
  • The Twins will close out the season at home against the Royals, and hopefully that series will actually mean something.