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Grown-Ass Man Waits Two Hours for B.J. Hermsen's Autograph

"Totally worth it."

This is B.J. Hermsen, but you probably knew that already.
This is B.J. Hermsen, but you probably knew that already.
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Lifelong Twins fan and grown-ass man Chris Sorum waited two hours in line for B.J. Hermsen's autograph at TwinsFest on Saturday.

"Totally worth it," said the 37-year-old Bloomington native who has a mortgage.

TwinsFest, the annual meet-and-greet that unites Twins fans and absurd lines for Dan Gladden's signature, is an annual rite for Sorum, a husband and father of three.

"Back when it was at the Metrodome, I spent over four hours in line for Juan Berenguer to sign a baseball one time," claimed Sorum, who is gainfully employed and respected by his peers.  "That was pretty nuts."

Sorum and his family have moved since that event, and he assumed the Berenguer ball was "in a box somewhere."

Hermsen, a Twins minor leaguer since 2009, was the Twins minor league pitcher of the year in 2012, but has yet to rise above AA ball.

"It was cool that he waited that long," said Hermsen. "But I honestly think he thought I was Alex Meyer."

Sorum, who is active in his church and is liked by his neighbors, would neither confirm nor deny that he chose the wrong line.

"It's just cool that the team does this."

The event runs from Friday through Sunday, and Sorum, a goddamn adult, planned to be there every day.

"Looks like the line is pretty short for A.J. Achter," said Sorum, gesturing to a line that was at least 100 people deep.  "Think I've got time to grab one more."