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Monday morning links: Sportive, prospect lists, Jose Berrios, Stuart Scott, and wow is it cold

Not a lot happening right now that's Twins-related, so here's some other stuff to talk about.

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Sportive kicks off 2015

Jon, Stu, and Brandon start the year off by 'casting from Stout's Pub. I went there once when I had a thing with one of the girls that worked there. I don't want to tell you how long ago that was because it makes me feel old, but it was probably about 12 years ago. The good news is that I now have a better association with it! In this episode the guys mostly don't talk about anything baseball-related, but it does turn out that Jim Souhan is stealing their stuff.

If you haven't subscribed to their stuff yet, you can do so here.

Nick Gordon is Minnesota's 12th-best prospect?

Over at The Tenth Inning Stretch, thrylos98 has posted his most recent grouping of his top Twins prospects for 2015. It's largely who you expect...until you see Nick Gordon's name scratched in at number twelve. He mistakenly believes his status as a prospect is inflated entirely due to Gordon's father and brother being baseball players, coming away with a pretty harsh judgement for a guy who was 18 years old and a consensus top-five guy in last June's draft. Thrylos98 makes a habit of being something of a contrarian, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that, but in this case that means kicking Gordon down the list a little ways further than he probably deserves.

I do, however, agree with him when he puts Max Kepler at number 15.

David Ortiz: King of the DH

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe discusses Ortiz's role on the Red Sox this season, touching on how important Ortiz will be in whatever success the Red Sox have in 2015. It sounds like Papi is pleased with the moves his team has made so far this winter. Oh and it's nice to read a story about Ortiz that doesn't throw the Twins under the bus because I really don't need that today.

Gaston wins

Orioles in the outfield

Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish runs through the gamut of outfielders that have been connected to Baltimore in some fashion. The Orioles still seem to have their pick of the litter, especially since the interest in both Colby Rasmus and Nori Aoki has been unexpectedly non-existent.

I'm still not opposed to the Twins bringing in Rasmus to take some of those starts in center field away from Hicks, but he's also not an exceptional defender. Which, as we've mentioned, is the one thing that could really make Minnesota's pitching better.

Jeff Bagwell was good at baseball, Exhibit 2,977,418

Gammons Daily, belonging to the one and only Peter Gammons, lists a few numbers that help to put Bagwell in even better company than we're used to seeing. Bagwell is undoubtedly one of the best hitters to ever play the game, does not have ties to performance enhancing drugs, and was a hero for just one organization in his entire career. I mean, c'mon. C'mon. Absolutely a Hall of Famer. C'mon.

"I love you, Stuart Scott. Wherever you are, Godspeed."

As you've probably heard by now, ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has passed away. He battle with cancer ended, and he was just 49. Watch a farewell from one of Scott's best friends, Rich Eisen, and below you can watch Eisen call highlights using a few of Scott's best-known phrases.

I've lost people to cancer, and I'm sure a vast majority know someone with it. It's impossible to see or hear about someone living with it and not feel empathy. There are all kinds of good causes out there, and giving to cancer research is certainly one of them. I can't advocate that enough.

I love Jose Berrios

I mean, how can you not?