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Breakfast and Baseball: Hughes, Hughes, Pearlman, Pinto

Happy Wednesday, people.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Hughes and Rene Tosoni are back together again. It's not quite Kirby and Kent, or Joe and Justin, but it's sweet. Wish them luck.

I'm not sure a truer statement has ever been made. It's always comforting to know your two best pitchers know what's going on with raisins.

Considering we probably wouldn't see benefits from this move until 2016, that's probably okay. The Twins have enough cooks in the pitching kitchen. Which is absolutely a thing.

Jeff Pearlman

With the debates raging around the Hall of Fame the last couple of days, and we're no exception, Pearlman's name has come up on multiple occasions. He's a pretty well-known writer, once in sports and now in books, so when his name popped up three times in less than 24 hours I couldn't help but think of the advice of well-known drunkard, James Bond inventor, and Chitty Chitty guy Ian Fleming: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

Not that Pearlman is anyone's enemy, but for a guy who never shows up in any of my conversations he's sure come up a lot lately. Here are my references to him that have come across my eyes in the last 24 hours.

Basically, Pearlman has come into our field of vision in the last day or so because of his book and because he wrote on the topic of PEDs and the players who may or may not have taken them. He's been painted as informed, cynical, and possibly mistaken in some of his assertions, but regardless of anyone's opinion on the guy I'll tell you this much: there's a very thin line between the half of me that wants to read his book, and the half that doesn't. I'll let you know if I do.

Pinto go BOOM