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Fifty years ago today the winning-est Minnesota Twins team of all-time lost Game 7 of the World Series

They won 102 games. And then they lost to f****** Sandy Koulfax...

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October 14th, 1965: The Minnesota Twins, in their first post-season appearance and first World Series appearance, lost Game 7 to Sandy Koulfax and the Los Angeles Dodgers. That was exactly 50 years ago today.

I am a baseball fan and Twins fan because of my Mom, and she has told me about this World Series all of my life. I asked her for some comments on her memories from the series (she was 10 years old). I asked her what her biggest memories from the series were, and she said (this is just the order she listed them off in):

Today in Twins Playoff History

Quilici got two hits in an inning that was pretty cool. And Kaat besting Koufax in game 2. And Mucat's home run.

Go Mudcat Grant!

My Mom was in the 5th grade when the 1965 World Series took place, but that did not stop her from her Twins fandom (I am my Mom's daughter, by the way). She told me her 1965 Twins World Series story:

I listened to the '65 Series games on my Westinghouse 10-transistor radio, with it's white cord snaking out of my desk, up my shirt, under my hair, and to the earbud in my ear. Old Mrs. Osterman was never the wiser, somehow. (God, she hated me!). BUT, that's all I remember. I don't remember if anybody else was into the Twins, or what I did when they lost that game 7, or even if I told anybody (in school) that I was listening.

The first game was on a Wednesday afternoon. The second game on Thursday. After those two wins I thought we'd win it all for sure.

Games 3 and 4 in LA were on the weekend and were on TV.

I have a picture of my radio somewhere but can't find it (the picture). I still have the radio and it still works.

Good times...

Do you remember the 1965 World Series? Share your memories.

Don't have any memories? Here, make some: