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Joe Mauer Calls New Star Wars Trailer a 'Pretty Neat Deal'

"It was fun. I liked it."

i know
i know
Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Many people have chimed in with their opinion on the trailer for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.  This includes at least one member of your Minnesota Twins.

"It was a pretty neat deal," said Twins first baseman Joe Mauer.  "It was fun.  I liked it."

Mauer confirmed that he watched the trailer on his iPhone.

"Yep, I was able to watch it on my phone.  Pretty crazy how you can watch movies on your phone these days.  Kinda wild."

The former MVP and 3-time batting champ said he's seen most of the six preceding movies.

"I really liked the original ones, even though Mom didn't care for us watching too many violent movies," said Mauer.  "Me and Jake would get pretty rambunctious and pretend our bats were lightsabers, and Mom would get pretty ticked off and make us play outside."

As for the much-derided second trilogy of films, Mauer said he's "not a big fan."

"(Former Twin) Lew Ford was pretty psyched about those ones, and always wanted to talk to us about the 'Expanded Universe' and 'The Clone Wars,' and we were all like, 'What the heck, Lew?' It was pretty nuts."

Mauer said he plans to see the film when it opens.

"Yeah, not only did I use my phone to watch the previews, but I used it to buy tickets, too.  Quite the deal.  Think we're gonna get a sitter, maybe go to dinner before, do it up right.

"Pretty big deal.  Pretty big."