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Target Field is getting renovated!

Target Field will be undergoing the most extensive renovations it has had since opening in 2010.

Say good bye to the trees.... again.
Say good bye to the trees.... again.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins announced today major renovations to take place at Target Field over the 2015-2016 off-season. The center field area in the upper deck, right under the Minnie and Paul sign, is getting razed, and not one, but two new clubs/bars are being added: one called CATCH (stylized in all caps by the Twins, not me), and one called... Minnie and Paul's. These are the most extensive renovations done to Target Field since it opened way back in 2010, and THANK GOD because that place is starting to look like a dump.

Sure, it's not like the Twins have had sewage flooding their clubhouses, but Target Field had space for two more bars and hadn't previously put two more bars in that space? Blasphemous.

In all honestly, these renovations look and sound like a great idea.

Here is the Twins 'official announcement for the plans, including an infograph and pictures. Here are some of the nitty, gritty details if you don't want to look at the Twins somewhat confusing infograph:

Minnie and Paul's bar will be an open meeting area for all fans, similar to the open outfield areas in Kauffman Stadium and Coors Field. It will feature drink rails and high seats like those in the Great Clips section in right field on the first level. They will be adding two new food vendors, promised to be local, and what the Twins specifically call a "modern" bar.

CATCH has a catch: it will be an exclusive area open only to fans who have specific tickets in that area, and all of the tickets will be season tickets. The good news for people who shell out for those tickets? It's all inclusive--meaning all the free food, beer, and wine your little heart desires. CATCH will also feature cabana seating, like in the Barrio area in left field, and, as directly explained by Twins President Dave St. Peter, "unparalleled access to the latest technology and a vibrant entertainment experience."

What could this unparalleled technology possibly be?! Holographic instant replay on the field? Personal drones you can fly around to see whatever view you want? Chair-messagers!? If this technology is just slightly faster wi-fi or an I-pad to order more food from your seat, I'm going to be pissed.

Some other noticeable changes:

1. You know how they put the trees back in center field but under the Minnie and Paul sign? Yeah, those are going bye-bye.

2. CATCH appears to only be available to transparent ghosts.

3. That woman taking a picture is wearing a ridiculous black skirt.

4. The renovations were designed by a firm from KANSAS CITY! Come on, Twins!