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Padres last suitor remaining for Ron Gardenhire

We knew that Ron Gardenhire wouldn't be out of the managerial game for long. It feels like his time away from the game is about to end.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Ron Gardenhire was never going to be out of baseball for long. The two vocal suitors have been the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres, both making their interest public as soon as they realistically could, but now the situation has changed since the Nationals have announced the hiring of Bud Black.

Other teams looking for a new manager, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, or the Miami Marlins, weren't (and still haven't been) connected to the ex-Twins skipper at all.

Now that Black is on board in Washington, the Padres are the last team standing for Gardenhire's services. When reading about the process that the Nationals and Padres were going through, one thing stood out: both the teams were looking for a solution through their own lens, and still coming up with Ron Gardenhire as a tangible solution. The Nationals, after a string of managers who haven't lasted long, were on the lookout for stability; Gardenhire's 13 years in Minnesota, overseeing six division titles, certainly ticks that box. So too does Black, who managed in San Diego for nine seasons. His former haunt, the Padres, seem to be looking for a manager that fits an exiting mold; they're looking for a leader who is a bit old school and willing to lay his passions out for the players to see.

Now that Washington is out of the running, here's the latest on the Padres' managerial pursuit.