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Wild Card Situation Room: 10/3/2015

The Twins' elimination number is down to one.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Last night hurt, since both Los Angeles and Houston won their games. To be fair, the Astros could have one the next four games with the number of runs they scored.

The Twins can no longer win the Wild Card straight out. They can only hope for a tiebreaker, through the following conditions:

  • The Twins must win both games. If they lose, they're done.
  • The Astros must lose both games. If the Astros win, the Twins are done.
  • The Angels cannot win more than one game.
  • Basically, any combination of Twins losses or Astros wins leading to one means elimination. So that's fun.
Suffice it to say, the odds are stacked heavily in favor of the Twins. Let's see what happens.

Standings, 10/3/2015

Wild Card Teams W L PCT WCGB E# L10 STRK
New York Yankees 87 72 .547 +2.5 - 5-5 W1
Houston Astros 85 75 .531 - - 6-4 W2
Los Angeles Angels 84 76 .525 1.0 2 8-2 W1
Minnesota Twins 83 77 .519 2.0 1 6-4 L1


Twins: LOSS, 3-1

Astros: WIN, 21-5

Angels: WIN, 2-1


Twins (83-77) vs Royals (93-67), 12:05pm CDT
Probable Pitchers: Tommy Milone vs Yordano Ventura

Astros (85-75) at Diamondbacks (78-82), 7:10pm CDT
Probable Pitchers: Collin McHugh vs Jeremy Hellickson

Angels (84-76) at Rangers (87-73), 12:05pm CDT
Probable Pitchers: Hector Santiago vs Colby Lewis

Remaining Schedule

Date Minnesota Twins Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels
Sunday, October 4 vs Royals at Diamondbacks at Rangers

There's Always Hope: On This Date In 2009 (before play)

Detroit Tigers 85 75 .531 -
Minnesota Twins 84 76 .525 1.0