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HPMLD: Gardy, Andy, Morny, Torii, World Series-y

The Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump is dressing up as a Sexy Blog Post for Halloween.

ron gardenhire, pictured here in one of those giant-ass inflatable snow globes you buy at mills fleet farm
ron gardenhire, pictured here in one of those giant-ass inflatable snow globes you buy at mills fleet farm
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Here is what is going on:

  • The San Diego Padres hired Diamondbacks third base coach Andy Green as their next manager, beating out former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. Is it notable that neither Gardy nor his right hand man, pitching coach Rick Anderson, have caught on elsewhere?  I'm leaning yes.
  • The Colorado Rockies did not pick up former Twin Justin Morneau's option, making the former MVP a free agent.  Morneau won the National League batting title in 2014, but was limited to 49 games in 2015 as his concussion symptoms reappeared.  I'm torn between wanting the Twins to offer him a make-good deal because I'm kind of a rube, and hoping he calls it a career and enjoys a long, healthy retirement.
  • Mike Bates wrote about the complicated legacy of Torii Hunter, and pretty much captures my sentiments on the man.
  • Did you know that, although the Twins' season is over, there is still baseball being played?  IT'S A TRUE FACT.  Game 3 of the World Series is tonight, as the Mets hope Noah Syndergaard can stop the bleeding.  The Royals counter with Yordano Ventura, and as Grant Brisbee notes, they are two wins away. The quickness with which the Royals have gone from decades-long punch line to a ruthless baseball killing machine is remarkable.
  • Meanwhile, Alex Anthopoulos' reward for building the best Toronto team since Joe Carter's Game 6 home run in 1993 is unemployment.  It appears that this is more due to power dynamics than performance, and he will no doubt have his pick of landing spots.
  • One team that needs a GM?  Your Miami Marlins, who have let Dan Jennings go.  That's why you never fire noted naked person Mike Redmond, Jennings.  (The Marlins have also hired Don Mattingly as their new manager.)
  • Across the border, Ryan Braun just had back surgery. It has not been a great run for him of late.
  • Ending on an up note: Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris is cancer-free.