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MLB playoff results: 10/7/2015

Yankquis no match for Dallas Keuchel.

Elsa/Getty Images

Did anybody take a poll on who wanted the Astros or Yankees to win last night's American League Wild Card game? Outside of the state of New York, would anyone have voted for the Bombers? I'm guessing not so much. Suffice it to say, most of the nation's baseball fans are exceedingly pleased with themselves this morning by vicariously living through Houston's success. As Twins fans, we're definitely living vicariously.

Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez each hit solo homers, and Dallas Keuchel pitched six scoreless innings while striking out seven. He scattered three hits. In all he's pitched 22 scoreless innings versus the Yankees in three starts this year, holding them to a sub-.350 OPS. Yes, a sub-.350 OPS. Glorious, right?

You can watch the recap here. Otherwise, here are a few things to watch if you want to bask in the Astros impressive road win last night.

Kuechel on pitching on three days' rest:

Brett Gardner obviously struggled (0-3, 3 K) versus Keuchel, so of course it's super easy to question the logic of playing him over Jacoby Ellsbury in hindsight. Here's what that question to Joe Girardi looks like in real time.

Rasmus got ahold of this one. Holy cats.

New York looked impotent versus Keuchel all night.

Yankees down, A-Rod steps into the box in a crucial situation. Twins fans know those feels. Here how the Astros dealt with it.

Here's Carlos Gomez's home run. Yeah, that one was pretty well crunched, too.

And we'll end with just a little more Girardi.

Enjoy everyone, and Bryz will be here at eight for some fun with numbers.