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Baseball Fan Shares Bad Opinion Online

He wants you to know that he's gonna tell you a thing or two about a thing or two.

jessica mendoza, person who talks about baseball
jessica mendoza, person who talks about baseball
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Jim Finnerty, 39, turned on Tuesday night's American League Wild Card game to watch the Houston Astros take on the New York Yankees.  What he got was that and a shocking surprise.

"There was a lady talking during the game," said Finnerty.  "A lady!"

Finnerty was further taken aback when the lady in question, Jessica Mendoza, was revealed to be in the booth, providing color commentary for the game, and not reporting from the stands.

"She was talking about the game, while the game was going on, with the men in the booth," said the twice-divorced Finnerty.  "And she was in the booth!  A lady!"

He was so dumbstruck by this occurrence ("Worse than Obummer") that he took out his phone, and pulled up the infrequently-used Twitter account he set up in 2011. A picture of him holding a fish he caught that spring still serves as his avatar.

After thinking it over for "a good long while," he typed, "Jessica Mendoza?  A chick in the baseball booth?  yeah right! #lol" and sent the tweet.

"I'm just frustrated by all the political correctness and had to speak my mind," said Finnerty, who recently fell for the third multi-level marketing scheme of his adult life.  "That's what I love about social media.  It lets people like me have a say."

Finnerty added that he also had opinions about race.