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MLB Playoffs reset: 10/9/2015

Vising teams are 4-0 in the 2015 MLB Playoffs so far.

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Today's schedule

ALDS Game 2
Rangers at Blue Jays
Game Time: 11:30am
Watch: MLB Network or SNET
Probable Pitchers: Cole Hamels vs Marcus Stroman

ALDS Game 2
Astros at Royals
Game Time: 2:30pm
Watch: FS1
Probable Pitchers: Scott Kazmir vs Johnny Cueto

NLDS Game 1
Cubs at Cardinals
Game Time: 4:30pm
Watch: TBS
Probable Pitchers: Jon Lester vs John Lackey

NLDS Game 1
Mets at Dodgers
Game Time: 8:00pm
Watch: TBS
Probable Pitchers: Jacob deGrom vs Clayton Kershaw


ALDS Game 1: Astros 5, Royals 2

Colby Rasmsus likes the bright lights.

There was a rain delay that knocked out Yordano Ventura, but Chris Young was willing to step up to the challenge.

Why remove Ventura? Let's leave it to Ned Yost, he's good at saying words.

The Royals had their chances, but Kendrys Morales blasted a pair of solo homers for their only runs.

Humans can run very fast.

Other than the two homers from Morales, Collin McHugh was on good form.

Finally, here's A.J. Hinch on a big Astros win on the road.

ALDS Game 1: Rangers 5, Blue Jays 3

David Price is ridiculously good and had it working early.

Both clubs lost players during the game. Adrian Beltre, Josh Donaldson, and Jose Bautista each ended up leaving the game.

Yovani Galladro pitched well, too.

Here's Time and Jeff on what went wrong for Toronto. Other than two of their best hitters getting hurt, obviously.

Before he left the game, Bautista did his best to keep the Jays in the game. It's so much fun to root for Bautista, because he's a guy most fans (and most of the teams he'd been with) had written him off. Lame bloomers are a cautionary tale for every team.

John Gibbons on the injuries to Bautista and Donaldson.

And we'll wrap this up talking about David Price, who went seven innings and is difficult to beat in the best of circumstances.