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Tuesday Twins: Joe Mauer might be dying again, and some other notes

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I will remember yooouuu.....
I will remember yooouuu.....
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday Twins talk is back! Here are the links for today:

  • With the news of the Twins winning the bidding rights to Korean first baseman Byung-Ho Park, some major news outlets are tripping over themselves to declare the metaphorical death of Joe Mauer.
  • You know how I like to post links to opinion columns on the Twins, generally by rural Minnesotan writers, because they are absolutely ridiculous? Well, here's one just as bad from freakin' Forbes.
  • Lots of little Easter eggs in these Charley Walters notes: Gardy and TK went golfing; TK is quitting TV broadcasting; Torii Hunter's interesting alternative career; A.J. Pierzynski can probably come back if he wants to; etc.
  • The Twins have the only full-time curator in MLB, and a short documentary was made about him.
  • Brian Duensing recruited Joe Mauer, Alex Gordon, and ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte to help him hold a fundraiser to battle cancer in his home state of Nebraska. Tickets for the VIP meet and greet already sold out, showing people in Nebraska still like Joe Mauer or are maybe excited about Alex Gordon, for some strange reason.
  • The appropriately named blog "Factory of Sadness" talks about Justin Morneau being a great fit for the Cleveland Indians.