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Twins Add Seven to Roster; Lose Pinto, Achter

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Why's it so hot in here OHHHHHHH SHIT IT'S THE HOT STOVE

hosemeal today, tomorrow, forever
hosemeal today, tomorrow, forever
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Josmil Pinto, once the catcher of the future for the Minnesota Twins, will have to fulfill that promise in San Diego, as he was claimed by the Padres today.  The Twins also lost reliever A.J. Achter on waivers to Philadelphia.

The Twins did add seven to their 40-man roster: Baseball murderer Adam Brett Walker, probable vintner J.T.  Chargois, Yorman Landa, shipping magnate Mason Melotakis, Randy "Not Ed" Rosario, and country music stars Pat Dean and Taylor Rogers.

Pinto's career went sideways with concussion issues and a shaky handle on the catching position, but he gets to go to San Diego, which has nice weather and terrific breweries, so it's not all bad for our beloved Hosemeal.  Unless the guy doesn't drink, in which case there's the zoo.

This leaves the Twins with 38 players on the 40-man, and it's safe to assume that one of these spots is being held for Byung-ho Park, which will likely upset the handful of Twins fans who are already convinced he sucks.