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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump: Zubaz. That's About It.

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It was a very slow week for Minnesota Twins news.

lemme take a selfie
lemme take a selfie
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot of stuff happening in Twins Territory the week of Thanksgiving, as you'll notice below.

  • The major hot stove development this week was the Twins probably not being in on Joakim Soria.  Jesse looked at that yesterday while you were gorging on yams.
  • My friend Mike analyzed the other major Twins development this week: Trevor May is giving away the Zubaz from the ugly pants company's Twins promotion earlier this year.  Stay tuned to his Twitter account for more details.
  • You're probably wondering what to buy me for Christmas.  I want the ugly Jose Bautista bat flip holiday sweater, thanks.  Also, think hard about the best possible Twins version of this kind of sweater.  My holiday pun machine is out of order right now, so I can only think of Kirby Puckett rounding the bases in Game 6 or Kent Hrbek ordering Nachos Navidad from Taco John's.  Brainstorm some ideas in the comments.
  • Sean Doolittle is one of my favorite non-Twins.
  • Why will a lot of teams be spending big money on free agents this off-season?  Because next off-season is going to be bleak, talent-wise.
  • Finally, Parker photoshopped a picture of Kent Hrbek with a giant fork.
Have a lovely weekend, people.