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Corey Koskie found a pair of shoes he stole from David Ortiz 10 years ago

Just when you might have been getting sad the band was falling apart... it comes right back together again.

"I stole your shoes, lol."
"I stole your shoes, lol."
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Corey Koskie—former Canadian and Minnesota Twins third baseman—made an important discovery this weekend. That discovery? These sick ass shoes. He made sure to immediately notify the rest of the '02 squad (aka the band) via Twitter.

Holy cow.

But, apparently, this was actually a "re-discovery" of sorts.

So, if you found these David Ortiz air-brushed shoes in your storage somewhere after ten years, during which time David Ortiz became a huge baseball superstar, what would you do with them?

Don't worry, that's what Corey Koskie did.

Corey Koskie is my hero. Thank god he actually got some satisfaction out of these instead of trying to preserve them for some collector who would never get as much happiness out of them as Corey and all of his Twitter followers just did.

And CAN "Big O" handle the hockey rink? Guess we'll have to stay tuned!