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Tuesday Twins: Cool podcasts with Canadian Twins, Byung-Ho Park is here, and more

No jokes here: Concussions are serious. Take care of your head!
No jokes here: Concussions are serious. Take care of your head!
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Hey there Twins fans! Here are the links:

  • Korean slugger Byung-Ho Park has arrived in the Twin Cities to continue contract negotiations with the Twins. He was greeted at the airport by several excited Korean fans and is reportedly very curious about Minneapolis. Good thing the weather cooperated!
  • The Star Tribune's Phil Miller pointed out Byung-Ho Park and Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kong were very close in Korearoommates in fact, much like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau in their younger days.
  • Speaking of Justin, he is hosting his annual Casino Night next Saturday (December 5th) at the International Market Square in Minneapolis to raise money for charity. Buy tickets here!
  • Justin Morneau was also recently on Jim Souhan's podcast and discussed many things, including: what he is seeking in free agency; the Torii Hunter incident (yet again); what it's like cheering for the Twins as a former Twin; learning to play first base from Doug Mientkiewicz; concussions; goofy messages from Corey Koskie; and more.
  • And speaking of Corey Koskie, he was on the Five Tool Podcast recently and discussed David Ortiz; The Soul Patrol; his absolute lack of interest in coaching in MLB;  concussions (see a theme here?); the Packers f#$%#%# him over; Justin Morneau sticking up for him; and more.
  • Another former Twin, Jacque Jones, talked to the Washington Post about his new position as Assistant Hitting Coach for Dusty Baker's new Nationals coaching staff. When asked, Jones described his coaching style as, "Get the ball out in front, man, and do damage." Seems fitting, and congratulations to Jacque!
  • The Twins signed some familiar faces to minor league contracts yesterday: Outfielder Joe Benson and relief pitcher Aaron Thompson. They also signed former Brewers and Mets mostly-minor-league catcher Juan Centeno.