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Twins winter meetings notes: Ricky Nolasco, Tony Sipp, Neal Cotts, Matt Thornton, outfielders

Three big trades potentially fell through on Monday. But the rumors surrounding the Twins have expanded.

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Monday will be remembered as the day things didn't actually happen. The Aroldis Chapman deal to the Dodgers is - at best - on hold. There was rumor that Javier Baez was on his way to Atlanta and the Cubs were getting Shebly Miller in return, but the Braves shot that one down. The Yankees weren't able to shift Andrew Miller to the Astros, either. Perhaps the real highlight from Monday, however?

It was Gardenhire's time to go when he left the Twins. But he's a good guy, and clubs and their executives have a lot of respect for him. If he doesn't latch on with a team this winter, he will next year.

Twins trying to trade Ricky Nolasco

This can't be much of a surprise. Minnesota has a wide array of options available for their rotation, and all of them have either upside or recent performance in their favor when compared with Rocky Nabisco. The Padres appear to be the team to be interested, but they'd surely want to move a big contract in return. James Shields is no longer a good fit, but oddly enough I wouldn't rule out a fit with Matt Kemp. San Diego would obviously need to take on salary there, particularly in the latter two years once Nolasco is off the books, but stranger things have happened.

The Twins and relief help

Mike Berardino points out that Ryan hasn't traditionally went deep for a free agent relief pitcher. But it sounds like the Twins were serious about Joakim Soria and Ryan Madsen before they were off the market, and Berardino also reminds us of their interest in Luke Gregerson from last year.

Bullpen arms with interest from Minnesota currently include Tony Sipp, Neal Cotts, Matt Thornton, and Fernando Rodney. Three of those pitchers are left-handed, and we know they're in the market for a southpaw reliever. LEN III throws out the name Antonio Bastardo as well. Who needs a nickname like Crainwreck when your last name is Bastardo?

Shawn Kelley signs with Nationals

Another Twins relief target was signed away in the middle of the night. Washington grabbed the right-handed set-up man for as yet undisclosed terms. With his ability to strike batters out there's no doubt Kelley was in high demand. The Twins did have interest in him in the past.

Twins could add an outfielder

It's not much of a surprise. What are the chances that extra outfielder is Matt Kemp? Would Kemp be amenable to a reduced role?

That's everything for this morning. We'll be back with more throughout the day.