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Hu's the winner

Because Monday.

Abbott & Costello: Who's on first?

Person 1: Who won Round 18?

Person 2: Yes, he did.

Person 1: Wait, who won?

Person 2: Sure did!

Person 1: That doesn't make any sense. It doesn't answer my question.

Person 2: I must have misheard you. Did you want to know who won the last round of the Twinkie Town community prospect vote?

Person 1: Yes, I did.

Person 2: Hu.

Person 1: That's what I'm asking you!

Person 2: Hu won.

Person 1: This is just getting ridiculous.

Person 2: Hey, he's a talented player. Don't blame me.

Person 1: Who's a talented player?

Person 2: Of course he is!

Person 1: WHO IS?

Person 2: Yes! Why are you yelling at me?

Person 1: Because you're not answering my question!

Person 2: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Let's start over. You wanted to know who won the last round of voting, right?

Person 1: Yes.

Person 2: Okay, and I'm telling you - Hu won the round.

Person 1: Who won?

Person 2: Naturally.

Person 1: In this context that doesn't make any sense.

Person 2: But you asked!

Person 1: I ask you who won the last round of voting!

Person 2: Hu!

Person 1: Okay, listen. If this is just some lazy ripoff of Who's on First, I will kick your ass.

Person 2: But I'm telling you what you need to know!

Person 1: You're telling me what I need to know?

Person 2: Yes.

Person 1: Okay, then tell me. Who won?

Person 2: That's it.

Person 1: That's who?

Person 2: Yes. Hu's the winner.

Person 1: AARRGGH!!! (explodes)

And now for the original...