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Breakfast & Baseball: Allen Craig, spring training, minor moves, Fort Myers, more

Welcome to a Tuesday edition of Breakfast and Baseball, where we talk about baseball things that are sort of Twins related.

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Today's soundtrack is from Rival Sons, with a funky track called Electric Man.

Are the Twins looking for a right-handed bat?

Rob Antony told me that the team was more or less done looking at big additions, although minor tweaks or additions could spring up. Things can also change rather quickly. But I've been dubious of where Nick Cafardo gets some of his tidbits in the past, and I might be here as well when he wonders if Allen Craig is a match for Minnesota or Cleveland since the Twins are allegedly in search of another right-handed bat.

Craig would be a good bet if the Twins wanted to buy low on a player they thought could be on a bounce back campaign. At 30, Craig is coming off of a .150/.279/.315 season but also batted a combined .312/.364/.500 in 1,296 plate appearances from 2011 through 2013. Still, he's another bad defender who doesn't have an obvious spot on the roster with the way it's currently constructed.

The only way it would fit is if the Twins chose to drop either Jordan Schafer or Eduardo Nunez; in Schafer's case they'd have to be confident in Danny Santana and Eduardo Escobar's abilities to play center field behind Aaron Hicks. My gut says it's not a real fit, and Darren Wolfson's information gives credence.

We've noted before that the Twins have a good deal of depth at starting pitcher this year, and that some of it could be moved near the end of spring training if there's a fit and the team is happy with how things have shaken out in the rotation. We'll revisit this idea as we move through spring training, but any move right now would be a surprise.

Cole Hamels on the block

Whenever it comes to Red Sox rumors for big-name players, it can be hard to distinguish what's smoke due to fire and what's smoke due to bored journalists lighting reality on fire. Nevertheless, there have been rumblings about the potential of Hamels moving to Boston. For now, nothing appears imminent. The Red Sox are understandably shy of sending their best prospects to Philadelphia, and the Phillies are obviously in a strong bargaining position where they don't need to take anything that doesn't come close to raking the opposition over the coals.

I'm still not convinced that the Twins shouldn't get involved. An ace on the books for four years and $90 million is a relative bargain, and he's be young enough to still be at the front of Minnesota's rotation when they're ready to compete - which would hopefully be 2016 after a roughly .500 season in 2015. Sure, it would create depth and roster issues, but that would be a good problem to have if you have Hamels and Phil Hughes leading your rotation.

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