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Twins notes: Rob Antony Q&A, Ichiro, Weeks

Welcome back.

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Happy Monday, everyone. Apologies for the lack of content this morning, but I live in a part of the world where, on occasion, the Internet says "no." Why do I live in such a god-forsaken place, you ask? The accents. And possibly the sausages. Also, the accents.

Moving on, here are just a couple of things for you as I get us prepped for today and the rest of the week.

  • I'll be visiting with Twins Assistant General Manager Rob Antony later this afternoon. If you have anything you'd like to ask, post a comment and we'll see if I can't ask one or two of them.
  • Mike Berardino has an interesting read on the relationship shared by Ichiro Suzuki and our own Paul Molitor. It also sounds like Ichiro's representatives tied to drum up interest in their outfielder, but were told that the Twins didn't see a fit. While Ichiro would certainly cover more ground than Torii Hunter in the outfield, I'm not convinced he'd actually provide more on-field value than Hunter. And considering Hunter's ties to the organization, to the community, and by extension to the young guys in the clubhouse, I'm glad that it's Hunter in Minnesota if I had to choose between the two.
  • Did you hear that the Twins may have been interested in Rickie WeeksApparently that's false. Which is probably fine. Maybe there's a fit on a minor league deal, but I'd prefer guys like Jorge Polanco to step into a middle infield breach over Weeks.
  • The MLB Network released their Top 100 prospects, and the Twins have six players...all in the top 36 spots. That's incredible. We'll cover that more a bit later.
That's everything for now, as I'm prepping a few other things for you. We'll see you back here a bit later!