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Pitchers and catchers report!

Welcome back, Twins baseball!

J. Meric/Getty Images
Winter is over and can kiss my ass,
as pitchers and catchers report!
Bring on sunny skies and well-manicured grass,
as pitchers and catchers report!

I don't care what you say it's the first day of spring,
chasing the blues only feet of snow can bring.
If I shut my eyes I can hear the birds sing:
pitchers and catchers report!

Inspired/ripped off unashamedly from Baseball's Sad Lexicon

There are a lot of exciting days on the baseball calendar. At least there are if you're me, which you might be. Opening Day, the trade deadline, those last frantic few days of the regular season, the entire post-season, potentially the Winter Meetings, and - just as exciting - the day that pitchers and catchers report; these are the days where things are just a bit more special - the days where baseball, as the slow-burn sport that it is, flares brighter for just a brief moment.

I'm looking forward to baseball season more than I have in a long time, and I think that's saying something. I've been writing for Twinkie Town for nine and a half years for little more than the love of the game, the team, and this community, and the only other time that I can say I was more excited for the season than I am this year was as we were heading into 2010. We knew we were heading into something special that year, or at least we knew the Twins looked pretty good on paper, and while I'm certainly not calling for a special season in quite the same way there's little doubt that 2015 is a big season for our favorite team.

Brian Dozier, Glen Perkins, and Phil Hughes have become legitimate stars. We perpetually under-appreciate Joe Mauer, who is a spectacular hitter and - as bad as that contract may look - is good enough to lead this young team into the future. Torii Hunter is back in Minnesota (as is Kevin Garnett, which is weird but awesome?).

But the most exciting part is that in 2015, we should finally start to see not just one or two young players break onto the roster. We should see four, five, six, or even more; and half of them are consensus Top 100 prospects in baseball. One of them is arguably THE best prospect in baseball. So much of the success for this organization over the next five-plus years is dependent on these players. We've been waiting a long time for some of these guys, and this year we're finally going to get our chance.

Over on our Facebook page we've asked what your biggest questions are as the Twins head into spring training. We'll answer those here later tonight, and if you have something you'd like to see answered be sure to leave your question(s) below.

Baseball is upon us! Even better: Twins baseball. It's all fresh and it's all new. In some ways it's kind of like Christmas.