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Tuesday Twins: it's all about spring training

Baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday you crazy cats. Here's the best of what I've gathered from around the net after yesterday's first official Twins workout of the spring.

  • Paul Molitory as "preliminarily" named Phil Hughes as the Opening Day starter. That's not much of a surprise, and it could change, but I don't think anybody wants to ask what might have gone wrong if it's not Hughes on the hill on April 6.
  • Ron Gardenhire has officially declined the opportunity to take a role within the organization in 2015, but Terry Ryan says the door remains open if he changes his mind. Ryan would be open to Gardenhire taking any number of roles, including player evaluation in terms of whether or not a guy is ready.
  • There were plenty of moments where pitchers complimented each other yesterday. Hughes said Ricky Nolasco's sinker was among the best he's seen. But the highlight might be Mike Pelfrey on Alex Meyer: "I think he probably has the talent to be maybe the best pitcher in here."

Meyer best pitcher via Pelfrey

  • Finally: Holy cats does Mike Berardino have a lot of videos for you. Follow him on Tout.