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Tuesday Twins: Jim Souhan did something good, Eduardo Escobar, and other surprising things

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We call this the Mike Pelfrey look.
We call this the Mike Pelfrey look.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Hi guys! I manged to get this up before Jesse unceremoniously one-uped me!

  • In case you somehow missed these, Jim Souhan made two episodes of his podcast that are MUST LISTENS: one episode features Torii Hunter, and the other features Eddie Guardado. You will never look at a toothbrush the same way again.
  • Did you listen to the podcasts yet? I'll wait until you are done.
  • See wasn't that worth it?
  • Eduardo Escobar wants Paul Molitor to know that he is working very hard for him. "I am here for Molitor," Escobar told the Pioneer Press. "I’m here working hard every day for Molitor. So if he need me, I’m here."