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Ron Gardenhire visits Twins' spring training camp

And the cat came back, the very next day...

Gardy, doing what he does best,
Gardy, doing what he does best,
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Former Twins manager Ron Manager took a little time out of his St. Patrick's Day to meander on over to the Twins Spring Training Camp and see what the bleep was up.

As noted by the great Aaron Gleeman, Gardy showed up not only chomping on a cigar, but with a second cigar ready in a ziploc baggie. Gardy's T-shirt explains why he was actually there (it wasn't just because he missed the Twins/was bored): to watch his son, Toby, manage the UW - Stout baseball team in a week-long series of games against the Twins Class A team.

Gardy, of course, was fired as the Twins manager after last season, but is still getting guaranteed pay because his contract runs for another year. The Twins offered Gardy a position in the front office (which he turned down), and has been offered the chance to do some special assignments for the Twins over the next season (which he is also kinda like "mmmm nah" on).

What has Gardy been doing? His daughter had a son, his first grandchild, in early November, and he camped in his RV outside of her house for like a month. According to new Twins manager Paul Molitor, Gardy has been mostly supportive. ("I wouldn’t say 'mostly,'" Molitor said. "I'd say 'fully.'") He also built that wall of empty Coors Light cans in the garage.

When asked about his future, Gardenhire was quick to say he does want to manage again. "Oh, no. I’ve got a lot left in me in baseball," Gardenhire told the Star Tribune Tuesday during a low-key, back-fields visit. "If somebody is looking for a manager and I’m a fit, great. I would love to manage again."

Until then, Gardy is spending time with his family that he has missed over the last 13 plus years. In my opinion: good for him.