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Updated Twins minor league groupings

On Saturday morning the Minnesota Twins announced their minor league groupings.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

One of the more intricate parts of running an organization in baseball is how you balance the minor league system. Getting past the basics of filling out rosters by relative talent level, balancing expectations and ego and putting players on track are all parts of the equation. Yesterday morning, the Twins released their most recent minor league groupings. Per our friend Bob Sacamento:

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There aren't a great deal of surprises here. Tyler Duffey on the Double-A list will count as one, and Byron Buxton on the Triple-A list certainly counts, too, but otherwise it's more or less as you might expect. These lists aren't written in stone, as these don't necessarily constitute where each player will ultimately start the season, but it's nevertheless interesting to see where the team put each player. Let's just run through a few things I've noticed, and you can leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • Trevor May and Eddie Rosario will likely end up on the Triple- and Double-A lists respectively. But what happens if one or both of them pull off the unexpected and make the opening day roster?
  • By this list, Rochester's starting rotation would include Alex Meyer, Taylor Rogers, Jason Wheeler, Logan Darnell, and possibly Greg Peavey.
  • Check out that Double-A bullpen: Nick Burdi, JT Chargois, Dallas Gallant, Tyler and Zack Jones, Jake Reed, and even Tim Shibuya.
  • The Double-A rotation including D.J. Baxendale, Jose Berrios, Brett Lee, Matt Summers, and Alex Wimmers isn't as impressive, but it's interesting.
  • The Double-A outfield is chalk full: Travis Harrison, Jason Kanzler, Max Kepler, Adam Brett Walker and JD Williams are all players that need plate appearances. This team has Miguel Sano at third, which means limited reps there for Travis Harrison, and first base is covered by both DJ Hicks and Michael Gonzales, which would mean limited reps for Max Kepler. So - five guys in the outfield needing playing time. Adding Byron Buxton and Eddie Rosario to that mix wouldn't make things any easier. This group could be in flux.
  • Among 2014 draft picks that we haven't yet mentioned, the only one sitting above extended spring training is Max Murphy.
  • If some of these positions seem a little thin, just remember that once minor league veterans like Doug Bernier and James Beresford are on the list things will look better.

Is there anything else you've taken note of here? Let us know in the comments.