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Which Minnesota Twins prospect will be the first to debut for the Twins in 2015?

Minnesota Twins fans have been anxious to see the top prospects come to Minneapolis to help the club turn around what has been a four season drought from the playoffs. This week we look at who will be the first in a line of top prospects to help the Twins turn around the losing and get this club back to contention.

Each week I like to write an article that generates Minnesota Twins fans excitement and also stirs the readers to comment and give their feelings as to what will happen with the Twins.  This week will be no different as we ask the question, Which Minnesota Twins prospect will be the first to debut for the Twins in 2015?  This will exclude players who have already made their first moment with the Twins such as Jorge Polanco and Trevor May.  Read on to learn about the top prospects that have their chance to debut in 2015.

  • Miguel Sano - Miguel has a chance to shine for the Twins and depending on how things work for the major league club, Sano has a solid chance of appearing for the Twins in 2015.  Even though Sano was hurt and out for 2014, he looks to be back from the Tommy John surgery and if his 2013 numbers are any indication of the player that he's going to be, Twins fans should be excited.  In 2013, between Fort Myers and New Britain, Sano hit .280 with 35 HR's and 103 RBI's while slugging .610 and a .992 OPS.  Those numbers alone should have Twins fans chomping at the bit for Sano to get promoted to the MLB.  His defense will improve while getting a little more seasoning in the minors and his bat seems to already be MLB ready.  Look for Sano to be a strong candidate for 2015.
  • Byron Buxton - What more can you say about Byron, the #1 MLB prospect.  You can say that in 2013, he hit a combined .334 with 12 HR's and 77 RBI.  Not bad for a player that is projected to be a leadoff hitter in the lineup.  This is a player that is projected to hit 20 HR's per season and play excellent defense.  Throw in the fact that he stole 55 bases in 2013 and if the injuries stay away, you have the makings of a top notch leadoff hitter.
  • Jose Berrios - One of my favorites in the Twins organization, both on talent and determination, Berrios is pushing the Twins to get him in the rotation sometime in 2015.  It's hard to argue with the numbers when talking about Berrios, especially when you look at his 2.77 ERA to go along with his record of 12-8 and his 140 strikeouts to 38 walks in 2014.  Berrios is making a strong case to come to Minneapolis in 2015.
  • Alex Meyer - Meyer, one of the Twins top pitching prospects has struggled with control, which has cost him chances to make the Twins rotation and bullpen.  Control is always an issue with major league pitchers and with Meyer's numbers in 2014, the Twins staff liked what they saw, yet weren't blown away enough to give Meyer the promotion to the show.  The 7-7 record say have been good enough and with the ERA down to 3.52, Meyer could come up soon to alter that rotation.
  • Nick Burdi - Nick is an interesting candidate in the sense that the Twins drafted Nick with the role of going straight to the bullpen and that's not a demotion.  With Burdi being able to top 100mph, the Twins bettter be drafting guys to catch that heat or hit it.  In 2014, not many batters were hitting Burdi as he had a 2.66 ERA, with 10 BB to 38 SO.  If Nick continues on this pace, we could see him before the end of 2015.
  • Eddie Rosario - Eddie is an interesting piece in this equation but I don't think numbers or location of players will matter much in this decision.  Rosario was crushing the ball in the AFL but those results haven't transferred to spring training.  I think that Rosario will need at least another half season in AA before they are ready to make that jump.  I think Rosario is close but not close enough.
So there you have is Twins fans, tell us and the Twinkie Town nation who you think will be the first Minnesota Twins prospect to debut in 2015?  Reply via Facebook, Twitter, or comment below and start the discussion on who you think the Twins debut should be in 2015.  We ant to hear for you Twins fans, so check out the poll below and tell Twinkie Town who the Twins first prospect to debut in 2015 should be?  Until next week, keep the feedback coming and we will talk to you then as we open another question for Twins fans to answer!