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Thursday Twins Stuff: May the Fourth, Brian Dozier, and Byron Buxton

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, Twins fans! We're almost to the weekend - only have to stick it out one more day! Let's jump right into things, shall we?

  • The Twins announced in the best way possible that the May 4th game this year will be awesome. Make sure to get there early for your Phil Hughes bobblehead!
  • Sports Illustrated did a nice little video/piece about our Super Prospect Byron Buxton. I don't know that it offers anything you don't already know, but hey, national attention!
  • Dustin Morse has a wonderful Twitter video of Eduardo Escobar "loving life (and dancing)". Watch it, you won't regret it, unless you're a heartless monster.
  • Also, Brian Dozier won the Twins' random hoodie contest, so I guess that's kind of newsworthy and neat.
  • Here's an adorable video of Trevor Plouffe getting his art on:

@tplouffe24 showing off some painting skills!

A video posted by Chris Herrmann (@chrisherrmann12) on

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