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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump: Bloody Marys and Bullpen Help

Hosken Powell is still alive.

Former Cardinals farmhand Randy Poffo.
Former Cardinals farmhand Randy Poffo.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images


  • The mothership has a season preview of the Twins, which is pretty much what I wrote in Baseball Prospectus, only they don't rip off Cormac McCarthy.
  • It sure sounds like the fifth starter will be Tommy Milone or Trevor May.  Phil Miller has more.
  • I pretty much endorse what area man John Bonnes says about Milone at Twins Daily.
  • Also at the Strib, LEN3 has sources telling him the Twins are looking for 1 or 2 relievers.
  • Also also at the Strib, Reusse is worried about Ozzie.
  • Could an undersized, 30-year-old, minor-league free agent be in the mix in the outfield?  The PiPress' Mike Berardino has the story of Shane Robinson.
  • TwinkieTown has endorsed the 140-character miracle that is Kent Hrbek's Twitter account before.  Thursday he added to the legend with this tweet:

Per FSN's Tyler Mason, the bloody mary with pizza slice garnish is $19, which is just nothing I'm ever going to order ever.  BUT: Chicken nuggets, Shrimp corndog.

  • If you're going to read one story about late Cardinals minor leaguer Randy Poffo, read this one by Marc Normandin.  You probably know him by another name.