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Tuesday Twins: Glen Perkins has eyes, Twins tickets on the road, and some old White Sox friends

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Don't drink it all in one place, Paul.
Don't drink it all in one place, Paul.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Top 'o the morning to ya! Here's some steamy Twins talk:

  • Glen Perkins has some interesting views on the role his sight plays when he is pitching: "I told [Nolasco] Santana's high leg kick throws me off. Not all pitchers are visual pitchers, and he didn't get it. He was like, 'Why would that mess you up?'"
  • Ever wonder what the Twins impact on ticket sales is these days when they're on the road? Well, you can find out anyway.
  • Though some reports said Mike Pelfrey was upset with getting put in the bullpen, at least one of them says everything is hunky-doory.