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This Picture of Barry Bonds and Michael Bolton is the Most Nineties Thing

This is what it was like ALL THE TIME. I was there. Tell my story.

Good morning.  Michael Bolton guitar face!
Good morning. Michael Bolton guitar face!
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

I'm 44, so I remember the Nineties with a clarity and sense of purpose that the millennials who read this blog may not.  So, when something pops up that fairly defines the decade, I feel compelled to share it with those younger than I, who may have been too consumed with their Surge sodas and TGIF  on ABC to notice.  To share our history.  To remember.

This, then, is a picture of the best player in baseball with a ridiculous-haired pop star who would end up being the punch line to Office Space's funniest joke:


As Craig Calcaterra notes, Bonds may be posting these pictures of people who suck "so people think he sucks less." Regardless of what you think of Bonds' sins, he never massacred Otis Redding.