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Sox 5, Twins 4: Pelfrey's Baaaaack!

Mike Pelfrey does his crush-the-soul-of-all-that-makes-baseball-fun thing, and the Twins lose an hour afterwards.

"Pelfrey's pitching, I need the best stuff you got, man. The good s**t, don't play me."
"Pelfrey's pitching, I need the best stuff you got, man. The good s**t, don't play me."
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like summer already! The end of summer, when Twins games become interminable meaningless slogs. Mike Pelfrey pitched his first MLB game since May 1, 2014. These last two sentences go together.

Paul Molitor had his "Getaway Day" lineup in (note: today is not a "getaway day"), with Chris Herrmann, Shane Robinson, and Jordan Schafer hitting 7-8-9. Becuz baseball is a strange and illogical game, which is why Europeans don't get it, those Savage Bats connected off Jeff Samardzija for three runs in the second. The Twins led 4-0.

(Witness the Pure Awesomeness of Chris Herrmann, Triple Machine, here. I'd embed it but I can't find an embed code for the clip. I am dumb about these things.)

Pelfrey, being Pelfrish, gave up this lead a few loooooong innings later. He did manage not to completely implode. 5 IP, 7 hits, 1 BB, 2 SO, 2 solo dongs. Samardzija remembered, "oh, yes, I am a good pitcher, facing the Twins' Getaway Day lineup" and didn't get into any more trouble, going seven. Minnesota fans noticed the nice weather and did useful things with their day.

Blaine Boyer was lose in the 8th. David Robertson picked up a "save" for facing Herrmann/Robertson/Schafer in the 9th, although that really shouldn't count.

Sarah Trotto on the Twins' website reports that Casey Fien may be hurt. "Terry Ryan said Fien's throwing session went 'OK,' and the Twins hope to avoid putting him on the disabled list." It's only a flesh wound.

Your Dan Gladden radio gem, reading an ad: "Look no further than my pillow." Indeed.

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