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White Sox pull away late, top Twins 6-2

Minnesota's slow start continues.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to pick whose slow start is the most depressing. The Twins didn't issue a walk today; Joe Mauer is hitting .300; Kurt Suzuki walked twice; Aaron Thompson, in spite of that hair, is doing well. But everything else is at least a little depressing if not worse.

Trailing 3-1 in the top of the seventh, Oswaldo Arcia had an opportunity to pinch hit with a man on and one out. He took a strike down the middle and then grounded weakly into a double play. Brian Dozier's liner found grass in the bottom of the eighth and Mauer laced a single on a pitch that more or less proves he's a ninja with a bat before Jose Abreu's laughable decision on Torii Hunter's dribbler up the first base line allowed the Twins to crawl within one at 3-2. (That sentence length, though.) Then Trevor Plouffe popped up in an at-bat where he just looked awful (he did all day) before Eduardo Escobar grounded out to end the threat.

Thus endeth Minnesota's comeback attempt.

And I'm not sure how Blaine Boyer could have looked any worse. Single-steal-single-homer-single-pulled. How long will it take for the Twins to realize that rostering Boyer was an ill-advised decision that looks even worse in practice than it did in theory? Four appearances, 11 hits, three (THREE) innings, six runs. Just end it. End it now.

The good news here is that Trevor May makes his season debut tomorrow, and watching a young and inexperienced team struggle is far more endurable to watch simply because those players have a real opportunity to help the organization win games in the future. Mike Pelfrey and Blaine Boyer do not qualify, and therefore it's torture to watch them trot out and get destroyed because it's just losing for losing's sake.

So, how was your weekend?