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Thursday Twins Talk: Minnesota Sports, Losing, and Overcoming Your Grief

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, Twins faithful. Another week, another few (bunch of) losses, right? If nothing else, at least baseball is back, and eventually should trend upward for our hometown team.

This week, we'll be taking a look at a few things to keep the losses in perspective (or may make you consider changing allegiances, I'm don't know, I'm not a mind reader). Let's jump right in...

-You likely saw the Washington Post piece about the worst sports cities in the US. Surprising absolutely zero Minnesota sports fans, our great state ranked dead last in all cities with all 4 major sports teams. The worst part is that Boston, where all our good players go to win things, is ranked first. Hooray!

-Be afraid, Kennys Vargas will mess you up.

-In a touching story, Twins rookie pitcher JR Graham explains why he wears his pants with his stockings up -- his mother is legally blind, and it helps her pick him out on the field.

-The front office has recognized the problems this team has faced, and wants to work to change the attitude. Things they have to say, sure, but it would certainly be nice to see some changes made to actually start winning games again.

-And finally, lol.