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Center field is a mess, what's Peter Bourjos up to?

Nothing. He's up to nothing.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I know I haven't brought up Peter Bourjos in a while, but I promise this won't take long. Let's just pretend that I've outlined exactly how disappointing center field has been for the Twins so far this year, including not just miscommunication and dropped balls in the outfield but what has been some pretty miserable production offensively, too.

Now let's shift our gaze to St. Louis and check in on the gold standard of defensive center fielders, Peter Bourjos. Bourjos has not made any starts, having stepped into seven games (as a pinch runner mostly). This has led to four plate appearances (no hits), a walk, a strikeout, three stolen bases, and 13 innings in center. He's had plays on four balls; two outs were converted outsize of his zone, and the one that he couldn't get to was rated as a 10% - 40% opportunity.

Shane Robinson, thanks to a hot week where he went 7-for-12, is how hitting .364 in 22 plate appearances with no walks and four strikeouts. Jordan Schafer went 0-for-4 yesterday, and has seen his triple slash drop to .114/.143/.282 in 37 plate appearances. Schafer's career OPS is .612. Robinson's is .620.

If the Twins aren't going to get any kind of offensive production out of center field, until Eddie Rosario or Byron Buxton are ready to take over wouldn't it be worth it to at least know the guy out there could cover all the ground you need with a premium glove to boot? Bourjos is doing nothing in St. Louis. Just sitting on the bench, hanging out. Even if he comes to Minnesota and hits like Schafer has so far at least we know he'd be able to consistently cover gap-to-gap.

A bucket of chicken wings should net somebody Peter Bourjos at this point. I love chicken wings, but I'd love a great defensive center fielder more.