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Twins 8, Mariners 5: Wins Good

Two young pitchers, both did OK, the Twins did done win.

He's probably fine. Probably.
He's probably fine. Probably.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins of Minnesota started this season hoping their pitching would be slightly better and their offense good as it seemed near the end of last year. Unbelievably, after Ervin Santana went down for cheating, the pitching has been (to date) slightly better. The offense . . . um . . .

Them Twins were counting on three young talents (Danny Santana, Oswaldo Arcia, Kennys Vargas) to continue their 2014 promise and veterans like Torii Hunter and Kurt Suzuki to keep hitting much baseballs. Any rational observer would have predicted a few of these players to struggle. Even rabid Twins fans would have expected at least one to start slow.

Instead, they've all been terrible -- the young guys most of all. This has not led to much run-scoriness. Through a few weeks of this baseball year, the Twins are dead damn last in the AL, and ahead of only a few teams in the NL, at having base runners touch home plate. When doing so counts as a point. That's how baseball games work.

Today, facing a left-handed pitcher, guru Paul Molitor sat two of those three scuffling youngsters. (The third, Vargas, went 0-5 with four strikeouts.) The Twins scored eight runs. I'm not saying that's a thing, or screaming who Molitor should play. The kids aren't alright, right now. It's not science.

Sadly, Trevor May, starting for the Twins in front of home-region fans, got walloped in the arm by a hit baseball and had to leave the game. The Twins are saying he has a "arm contusion," which twinsgirl197 defined as a bruise and may very well be a bruise. I dunno; I think he's probably gonna die.

The Twins scored a lot off Mariners pitching, often off errors, and won. GO TWINS GO!

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